How to Order

You have several options to place your order:

  •  Call or text me at (805) 399-0441
  •  Email me at
  •  Send me an Instagram message  @debscookiedesigns

What to include in your order:

  • Name of the item you want, including item number if listed
  • Quantity
  • Any special requests, such as special flavor, color, etc.
  • Date you need it.
  • Your name, address for delivery, and phone number

Then I’ll follow up with you on final price and let you know whether I can make it by the date you need it.  Keep in mind that normally I would need at least a week’s notice unless I don’t have any other orders at that time.


  • If you are a friend or friend of a friend, you will have the option to pay me upon delivery.  (Just include the name of our common friend in your order.) I accept cash, PayPal, or personal check.
  • Otherwise, I will need payment upfront from you via PayPal using my email address:  (If you don’t have PayPal, we’ll come up with another arrangement.)
  • Once your order is completed, I will contact you to make arrangements for the delivery.
  • For orders under $50, there will be a $10 fee for the delivery, unless you prefer to pick up your own order.