Flower Cookie Bouquets

$20.00 $15.00

Cookie bouquets – 7 vanilla cookies in a flower pot


Cookie bouquets are a welcome change from a regular flower bouquet that has to be thrown out.  Instead your loved one can enjoy the delicious cookies, one  by one!  Cookies are made with homemade non-alcoholic vanilla  (made with grade A vanilla beans and non-GMO vegetable glycerin) and decorated with royal icing.  The bouquet comes with 7 cookies, one of which contains your special message.  The bouquet shown  comes in 3 flower colors:  2 white, 2 light pink, and 2 dark pink; however, you may custom order any combination of colors, or even one color, such as all yellow.  Some examples of messages you may want to use:   Thank You,  Happy New Home, Welcome Back, Good Luck, Happy Birthday, Happy Mother’s Day, Get Well Soon, etc.


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